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P2P Memebag

The MemeBag is a collection of jargon and memes, drawn mainly from my experience as moderator of the Decentralization list, or decent, for short. Some items are straightforward word definitions; others are summaries of common themes. The goal is to consolidate gains, so that new conversations can build on the old rather than repeat them.

Actor Agent
Akamaization Authority
Centrality Clerver
Client client+server
Client/Server Cloud
Component Connected
Cross-protocol functionality Dark matter
Decentralization Devices as peers
Digital Rights Management (DRM) Directed and undirected routing
Distributed computation Economics as a model
File sharing Fractional horsepower web server
Free ridership Horizon
Hotspot Hub and spoke
Hybrid topography Intermediary
Mesh topography Metadata
Mobile Agent Neighboring Node
Net OS Node
Non-unique addressing O(N2) efficiency
P2P Peer
Peer to peer Publication
Remote service Reputation management
Scalability of Gnutella Separation of data and metadata
Servent Server
Sorted network Specialization
Superdistribution Superpeer
Topography Transitivity
Two way web UDP as a substrate

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