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The Week in Linux News

by Baiju Thakkar

Building a Firewall

Firewalls can be complicated. Yet they are essential to building a secure system. Last week various articles came out that talked about building or helping to build a firewall.

  • IPTables Firewall Script
    Davion at Linux Help has created a sample firewall for ip_tables, the tool for doing firewalling # and masquerading under the 2.3.x/2.4.x series of kernels. Be warned: this is a very restrictive set of firewall rules (and they should be, for proper security).
  • Building an ATM Firewall with BSD
    After a couple of unsuccessful crack attempts (and a couple of partially successful ones) we were able to justify a firewall. This in itself was an achievement. However, even at the best of times, the world of UK academia moves at a snail's pace and I for one wanted something in place very quickly.
  • Designing Mason [firewall] Rulesets for Multiple Machines
    This article helps you build a set of preset rules that you can use on multiple machines, simplifying the process of building new firewalls.
  • Linux LAN & Firewall FAQ
    Linux is enjoying growing popularity among home hobbyists and small, home-based businesses. Continual, direct Internet access is becoming more widespread in the home as cable modem and DSL connection services expand into the residential market. Connecting Linux to the Internet, building a firewall, and enabling network address translation for a home LAN are frequent sources of questions.

Java on Linux

More and more, Linux seems to be the platform of choice for Java developement. In a recent article in Network World Fusion, Phil Hochmuth outlines why Linux just might be a natural fit for Java.

But Sun is not doing anything to advance the Linux and Java marriage. According to Gartner analyst Andy Butler, Sun Microsystems' Linux server strategy lacks vision, commitment and viability. Butler says Sun has gradually lost interest in Linux since last November:

"[Sun] believes that Linux is designed for theIntel-based platform 
and that Linux contributes to the downfall of Solaris on Intel."

You can read the full article here.


Surveys are always fun. Some people put more weight in surveys than others, but they always generate some commotion. Last week saw a couple of interesting surveys, one for developers, another with enterprise network managers.

  • What are Linux developers thinking?
    A new survey says they work mostly on the server side, and they're not as advocacy-oriented as you might think.
  • Will Linux be a hit or miss on the corporate desktop?
    A recent survey by gives more hope for Linux desktops. According to the survey of 1,640 enterprise network managers, open source operating systems are used on 10% of desktops, with the number jumping to a surprising 23% of enterprise desktops by 2002.


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