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"Putting things next to each other, which is really what peer-to-peer is about . . . having groups of things come into affiliation . . . into juxtaposition for a while and then move on." -- Bill Joy, The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference, 2001

JXTA, or Juxtapose, began in the summer of 2000 as a Sun Microsystems research project or "intrapreneuring incubation" led by Chief Scientist Bill Joy. Beginning with conversations with innovators in the P2P space, the JXTA team began assembling a picture of what a core common distributed computing framework would look like. In the months since, the sketch became an API, "crufty code," and finally an Open Source release on April 25th, 2001.

In this package of JXTA coverage, we offer several perspectives on JXTA:

After you read all this, be sure to head over to jxta.org and download the binaries, source code, and docs, and start playing with JXTA.

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