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Tuesday Afternoon at O'Reilly's P2P & Web Services Conference

by Derrick Story

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The expo floor kicked into high gear on Tuesday afternoon with activity ranging from informal demonstrations of new products to casual conversation about the topics being presented in the sessions and panel discussions. Fittingly, the day closed with a talk by Michael Conner, IBM Distinguished Engineer, about Web services and its impact on business.

All photos by Derrick Story, the O'Reilly Network. Press may use photos on this page as long as credit is attributed to D. Story/O'Reilly Network.

Brandon Wiley. Photo by Derrick Story.
During the afternoon break on Tuesday, Brandon Wiley, the first Freenet programmer having worked with its inventor Ian Clarke, grabs a bite to eat and visits with friends.

Exhibitors demonstrating their products. Photo by Derrick Story.
The expo floor opened on Tuesday in the hotel Promenade. Exhibitors demonstrated that there are commercial applications for P2P technologies such as here at the Ecosys booth.

One-on-one with an exhibitor. Photo by Derrick Story.
There were many one-to-one interactions on the expo floor, such as this conversation at the PeerSwitch booth.

Exhibitor. Photo by Derrick Story.
During an in-depth presentation at the Thinkstream table, this attendee learns about more about their P2P offering.

Exhibitor hall. Photo by Derrick Story.
Since refreshments were served in the same area as the expo demonstrations, there was a nice flow of conference attendees around the booths.

Conversations abound. Photo by Derrick Story.
Outside of the roundtables and lectures ad hoc groups would form to carry on the conversations.

Michael Conner. Photo by Derrick Story.
Michael Conner, Ph. D., IBM Distinguished Engineer, explained how Web services will change the business landscape during his closing keynote talk, "Web Services: The Next Horizon of e-business.

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