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Wednesday at O'Reilly's P2P & Web Services Conference

by Derrick Story

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Congressman Rick Boucher inaugurated day three of O'Reilly's P2P conference by outlining how he wants to improve the legal exchange of online music by enacting laws that are fair for customers, artists, and record companies. Later that morning, the authors of the "P2P Networking Overview" research report held a press conference discussing the state of P2P now, and what's in store for the future.

All photos by Derrick Story, the O'Reilly Network. Press may use photos on this page as long as credit is attributed to D. Story/O'Reilly Network.

Congressman Rick Boucher. Photo by Derrick Story.
Congressman Rick Boucher explained the legislative environment for online music and proposed how to improve the exchange of digital files.

Congressman Boucher. Photo by Derrick Story.
Key components to Congressman Boucher's proposals are contained in his MOCA initiative.

Exhibitor. Photo by Derrick Story.
Congressman Boucher stayed for interviews after his keynote address. Here he's talking to Rael Dornfest, Tim O'Reilly, and Wendy Grossman.

Boucher, Dornfest, O'Reilly. Photo by Derrick Story.
Tim O'Reilly and Congressman Boucher talk after his keynote address with Rael Dornfest and reporter Wendy Grossman looking on

Steve Griffin. Photo by Derrick Story.
MusicCity CEO Steve Griffin asks Rep. Boucher about how to build support for what Griffin believes are the need for fairer laws concerning online music exchange.

Tim O'Reilly and Yossi Vardi. Photo by Derrick Story.
Yossi Vardi shows Tim O'Reilly that ICQ has 6 million hits in Google while Madonna has only 1.5 million.

The press conference to promote the "P2P Networking Overview" research report. From left to right, Anne Thomas Manes, Clay Shirky, Rael Dornfest, Lucas Gonze, Kelly Truelove, and Tim O'Reilly.

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