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Wednesday Afternoon at O'Reilly's P2P & Web Services Conference

by Derrick Story

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Wednesday brought about the final day of sessions at the P2P conference. During the afternoon break, O'Reilly authors camped out in the Promenade ready to visit or sign books for attendees. The official schedule for the day concluded with Larry Lessig's closing keynote, "Preserving the Innovation Commons: What's Really at Stake." Lessig's talk was the fitting conclusion to a day that had begun with Rep. Boucher's views about establishing an Internet that was equally beneficial for content creators and distributors alike.

Lawrence Lessig. Photo by Derrick Story.
Larry Lessig described in his keynote address how the changes in law are affecting our ability to innovate.

Lawrence Lessig. Photo by Derrick Story.
Professor Lessig cited watermark legal history such as the Sony Betamax case and the cable television battle to describe the importance of the current conflicts between Hollywood distributors and technology innovators.

Lawrence Lessig. Photo by Derrick Story.
After his address, Larry Lessig fielded questions one on one from members of the audience.

Yossi Vardi and Aaron Swartz. Photo by Derrick Story.
The oldest and the youngest participants at the conference. The youngest, Aaron Swartz, age 15, and the oldest, Yossi Vardi (he's not saying exactly how old), both found plenty to talk about during their stay in Washington DC.

Bitzi Corp.'s Robert Kaye. Photo by Derrick Story.
Robert Kaye of Bitzi Corp. said that the rescheduling of the P2P conference almost messed up his hair styling plans. Fortunately he had enough time to recreate his masterpiece cut..

Bookstore. Photo by Derrick Story.
What better place to shop for O'Reilly books than at an O'Reilly conference?

Rael Dornfest and Nelson Minar. Photo by Derrick Story.
Rael Dornfest and Nelson Minar visit during the author signing event.

Endeavors. Photo by Derrick Story.
Endeavors Technology's MagiP2P software enables people to turn their networked and Internet-enabled devices into web servers.

Geeks at table. Photo by Derrick Story.
A bunch of geeks talking tech. See if you can find Tim O'Reilly in this picture. And bonus points if you can identify his brother, Fred (hint: he's wearing a yellow shirt).

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