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Investigative reports and interviews from Steve Pizzo.
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The Taxman Has Designs on the Net
Should Internet sales be taxed? Pizzo talks with advocates on both sides of the issue, including the California Taxpayers' Association and a Mill Valley bookstore owner who wants to start paying its share.  Sep. 28, 2000

An Argument Against Universal Broadband Access
Is universal access a progressive attempt to bring broadband to rural corners, or a ploy by the telcos to cripple their cable competitors?  Aug. 11, 2000

F*** The Dot-Com Deadpool
What began as an email game between friends has evolved into a hot hub for Net economy Chicken Littles. Now, can Philip Kaplan turn it into a business? With audio Jul. 13, 2000

Is There Really a Digital Divide in America?
Adam Clayton Powell III questions the arm-flapping over the so-called "Digital Divide" in this interview by Stephen Pizzo. With audio Jun. 7, 2000

Who's Really Being Protected?
Patents Office Director Q. Todd Dickinson and Tim O'Reilly find little common ground in this interview on how Internet patents are handled. With audio May. 24, 2000

A Few More Thoughts on the Patents Issue by Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly reflects on his conversation with Patents Office Director Q. Todd Dickinson. With audio May. 24, 2000

Who's Really Being Protected? - Part 2
Part two of the discussion between Tim O'Reilly and Patents Office Director Q. Todd Dickinson. With audio May. 24, 2000

Napster and MP3: La Revolucion or La Larceny?
Steve Pizzo interviews Steve Curry of and Gary Falcon, a music talent manager, to get two different points of view in the battle between the RIAA and the online music community. With audio May. 12, 2000

Jesse Walker: Copyright or Culture Land-Grab?
Reason Magazine associate editor Jesse Walker says we are watching a copyright arms race, and both sides are to blame. With audio  May. 5, 2000

Simson Garfinkel: Chicken Little or Paul Revere?
Simson Garfinkel's new book predicts privacy crisis. With audio  Apr. 27, 2000

Doc Searls: Patently Absurd?
Read or listen to our interview with the editor of Linux Journal and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto on the absurdity of Internet patents. With audio Apr. 21, 2000

Internet IPOs: High Flyers or Hindenburgs?
Steve Pizzo talks with venture capitalists about the coming Day of Reckoning. With audio Apr. 13, 2000

Jon Katz: Book Publishers Still Don't Get It
What are the lessons of Riding the BulletApr. 6, 2000

Cluetrain Manifesto: Why Companies Must Stop Hiding
Co-author David Weinberger talks to Stephen Pizzo about the new rules of online marketing.  Mar. 29, 2000