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Movable Type

Movable Type is Perl-based Web publishing software. The focus of the program is easing the linking, text editing, uploading, page creation and site maintenance work required to publish a frequently updated news- or journal- style blog. Features include page customization via templates, multiple template publishing to multiple destinations, support for multiple authors governed by a permissions system, grouping of entries into categories, a comment system for reader feedback, multiple weblog support, support for the Blogger Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) Application Programming Interface (API), the ability to pre-date or post-date entries, a hold status for entries, remote posting, RDF Site Summary (RSS) support, flexible archiving options (monthly, weekly, daily, by entry, by category) and an email notification system.

Movable Type requires Perl 5.004_04 or later, a browser with cookies and Javascript enabled, an FTP client and either a server or an account on a server that allows custom CGI scripts. The library-driven system is extensible by Perl coders. Movable Type is distributed under a user license specifying prohibited online activities. The program is free, with a small donation encouraged.

Date Listed: 03/31/2002

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