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FurthurNet is a Gnutella-based P2P music cataloging and trading network. About 400 bands, including the Grateful Dead and Phish, have given permission for recordings (typically of live performances) to be traded legally.

The Java-based system employs Packet Chain Protocol (PCP), which enables cascading downloads, and Antelope, which allows the same file to be downloaded from multiple hosts, to improve downloading performance. Beta version 1.5.9 or later of the free Furthur client is required for Phish downloads. (The band withdrew permission because of the availability of some unauthorized material on the network, and renewed when the problem with the software was addressed to the band's liking.)

In addition to distributed file sharing, Furthur offers chat, detailed music cataloging and the ability to search on a large number of attributes. Furthur requires a Java 2 runtime environment and provides clients for Windows, MacOS X and Linux. The client software is distributed under a non-commercial, open source license.

Date Listed: 05/30/2002

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