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ChessBrain is a globally distributed Chess playing network by veteran programmer Carlos Justiniano. The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and XML -powered P2P framework currently connects hundreds of node operators in 24 countries. Players request a serial number and download a game viewer client that interacts with the main ChessBrain server, known as the SuperNode server. The SuperNode server dispatches move branches to hundreds of peernode servers for processing. The six kinds of clients currently used are PHP game viewer, Java/Flash MX game viewer, C++/Win32/DirectX3D game viewer, Linux/Win32/Cygwin/MacOS X server node, PHP SOAP proxy (for returning SOAP responses) and a SOAP::Lite-driven Perl test suite that handles important automated testing tasks. A C++-based intelligent agent named Shannon runs as a SuperNode thread to communicate with Free Internet Chess Server (FICS).

The primary ChessBrain servers provide two publicly accessible sites, chessbrain.net and distributedchess.net. All ChessBrain SuperNode and PeerNode interactions take place via SOAP over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is utilized as a common protocol allowing communications between ActionScript, C++, Java, Perl, and PHP programs running on Linux, MacOS X and Windows. The ChessBrain site provides links to a Quick Summary covering ChessBrain technology, the ChessBrain Web service, a global map of the ChessBrain Network, a well stocked Resources page, a FAQ and Mobile ChessBrain.

Date Listed: 06/23/2002

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