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Virtual X:/net Technology (VXNET) is a secure, distributed networking application and a platform for rapid development of P2P applications. VXNET users are able to set up "Persistent Communities", private networks where P2P file sharing and communications with trusted individuals may be enabled over broadband, wireless or dial-up connections. VXNET is free of spyware and advertising, and includes Instant Messaging (IM) and 128-bit file encryption.

VXNET was constructed in Java, XML and C++, and offers a path to development in .NET and Sun One environments. The VXNET site provides a free downloadable Preview Version 1 and online User Guide. VXNET requires a Pentium 100 or better processor, 32 Mb of RAM, 5 Mb of drive space, Internet 4 or later with cookies turned on and an Internet connection.

Date Listed: 10/01/2002

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