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WorldOS Corporation

WorldOS is an application server for decentralized applications like Napster, Gnutella or Freenet. It is structured basically like a web server. A request for a resource comes in; the request is directed to some kind of user-created program that provides a resource. User-created programs are a lot like CGI scripts or Servlets. So, overall, WorldOS lets you provide dynamic content in a P2P environment.

The user interface and engine are coupled via TCP instead of object code in order to make it simple to plug in alternate UIs. It allows you to plug in protocol handlers in pretty much the same way you'd plug in a CGI script. The base code comes with protocol handlers for WorldOS protocol and HTTP. You could hook up a handler for the Gnutella protocol, or SMTP, or Napster, or whatever, and your running instance would not only be able to map incoming requests in that protocol to CGI-type scripts, it would also be able to route messages from nodes using one protocol to nodes using another protocol.

Date Listed: 10/14/2000

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