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Mojo Nation

Mojo Nation is not an active file-sharing network, but rather a prototype of a superdistribution network. The Mojo Nation open source content distribution platform is based on "swarm distribution", a load balancing technique that divides file uploads into smaller packets which are encrypted, distributed and then retrieved using a "Dinode". This feature leverages the power of multiple connections to allow users on low bandwidth connections to participate in the content distribution process. All data transferred across a Mojo Nation network is RSA public-key encrypted. Brokers are used to process user search requests, locate content and perform the encrypted file transfers. Mojo Nation uses a form of "digital currency" called "Mojo" that users earn when they contribute resources to the network. Freeloading is discouraged by rewarding "good citizens" with priority access to the network's resources. Beta programs of Mojo Nation's technology are available for download.

Date Listed: 03/15/2001

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