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Napster is on its way to becoming the world's largest secure file sharing network. Napster is paving the way for a new era of paid subscription services, courtesy of its new business partners: Bertelsmann AG, edel Music, TVT Records, America Online and Real Networks (MusicNet), its new technology partners: Loudeye, Gracenote, Relatable and its recently aquired Gigabeat. Napster's features include: a user-friendly interface, search capabilities, instant messaging, chat and Hot List User Bookmarks. You can still download the latest version of the Napster Client (Macintosh or Windows).

Napster claims to be taking the copyright issues it has brought so much attention to very seriously and has been ramping up on its technology over the last few months to that end. The company has been busy piecing together the technology required to enable an effective licensed media distribution network. Technology investments to date include several new acoustic fingerprinting technologies that will be used in conjunction with music databases to identify and track file usage on the Napster network. The Napster system is also now able to catch certain kinds of common filename variations that were traditionally able to circumvent its filtering processes in the past through the use of improved keyword filtering techniques. Napster has also implemented a new terms of use policy of discontinuing network access to anyone caught intentionally obscuring filenames. See the "Copyright Owners" section of its Copyright Policy for more details.

Date Listed: 06/11/2001

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