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Interbind software supports open, secure, low-cost business-to-business systems based on Web Services delivered across a peer-to-peer network. Web Services are self-contained, modular business applications that can be described, published, located and invoked over the Internet. Interbind software acts to extend and connect various Web Services while routing and translating the data traffic among Web Service users. Interbind recently released its Interbind XML Messaging Server (IBX), available as a free download at its developer website, which includes HTTP 1.1 and SOAP support. Interbind's Messaging Server transports XML-based messages to and from nodes offering Web Services in a peer-to-peer network. Features include: pre-built XML message envelopes that support a variety of message types, Java-to-XML serialization/deserialization, support for secure peer-to-peer connections, and lightweight memory and processor requirements. Use of the Interbind XML Messaging server requires an XML parser that is either SAX2 or DOM compatible and Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Development using the message server requires JDK 1.2 or later.

Date Listed: 02/16/2000

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