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XNS (eXtensible Name Service)

XNS (eXtensible Name Service) is an open protocol and open-source platform for universal addressing. Essentially, an XNS address is a permanent identifier for a container of data that could be personal data such as your contact information.

XNS is a platform for "web agents" to negotiate the exchange, linking, and synchronization of information among different parties. An agent might make sure that your version of a person's contact information is up-to-date by checking it against the XNS address.

XNS says that Web agents are based on technology patented by Intermind, one of the players in the once-popular "push" technology space. There are three patents involved, and they have been licensed to XNSORG, an independent non-profit organization responsible for governance of the XNS global trust community. All XNS agencies and agents are required to register with XNSORG.

Date Listed: 10/14/2000

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