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Buzzpad, Inc.

Buzzpad, Inc.'s initial product release is BuzzPad Linker, a Peer-To-Peer file sharing, messaging and gaming product. Buzzpad Linker enables a user to create contact lists, send Instant Message (IM) chats and allow multiple people to "link" to each other and use applications together. A number of free multiplayer games for the Buzzpad Linker made by Freeloads Games (freeloads.com), a division of Buzzpad, Inc., are available for download.

Freeloads.com offers Peer-To-Peer gaming and social interaction based upon the Buzzpad Linker P2P gaming platform. The Freeloads P2P Games Suite (Solitaire, E-Battle, Snakes, Quadris, Go-Moku, Checkers and Chess) is installed by the user for online P2P (including chat) or offline individual play. Windows, a Pentium computer, 16 MB RAM, SVGA 640x480 with 256 colors resolution, 2x CD-ROM drive, a mouse, and a 28.8 connection to the Internet are required.

Date Listed: 01/26/2001

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