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KaZaA's P2P file sharing network allows users to search for and download audio, video, image and text files using one of three interfaces: the KaZaA Media Desktop Peer-To-Peer (P2P) client, KaZaA's Winamp Plug-in or the web site. KaZaA's distributed network is "self-organizing" and features the ability to automatically transform more powerful clients into "SuperNodes" able to broker the search query requests of the weaker nodes on-demand. (See the FAQ for more technical details). The service is currently free, but KaZaA anticipates a small fee in the future in light of the lawsuits against Napster and Scour. KaZaA's core technology is based on KaZaAlib, a platform independent C++ library comprised of 59 functions. (The company has not yet formalized an open source development program.)

Date Listed: 07/19/2001