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Consilient, Inc.

Consilient, Inc. builds software using a many-to-many Peer-To-Peer network infrastructure, which shares some characteristics of email and Web browsing systems. At the core of its XML and Java-based software is a new kind of intelligent process agent known as a "Sitelet": a small, portable applet. Sitelets are mobile J2EE/XML-based web applications that contain both the code required to present a user interface and the data required to manage the process instance. Created for e-business, Sitelets connect individual applications and transactions to create an infrastructure for sharing information in a Peer-To-Peer fashion.

Sitelets record all activity throughout the course of their participation in a virtual process. Sitelets are self-contained and asynchronous that can operate on any client or server in any location that are executed by, and move between, instances of a Java run-time environment called a "Peer". Peers may be extended to include a wide variety of process enhancing components, including task oriented templates (e.g., a purchase order), domain-specific logic (e.g., contract management), Sitelet processing services (e.g., digital signature) or gateways to existing applications. A Sitelet SDK is available.

Date Listed: 05/26/2001

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