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The Mind Electric

The Mind Electric is developing GLUE, a Java based modular platform for building and invoking distributed web services. GLUE has a small footprint (it's distributed as an embeddable 200K JAR file) and can expose any unmodified Java object as a web service. It is designed to be platform, protocol and transport neutral, and to interoperate with Apache SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), Microsoft .NET Framework and IBM Web Services Toolkit (WSTK). GLUE includes a micro-web server, servlet engine, SOAP processor, XML parser (Electric XML), dynamic Web Structure Definition Language (WDSL) generator, Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) client, UDDI server, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) support, and an XML persistent storage system. GLUE services can be deployed via a browser, runtime APIs, or drag and drop, can be dynamically installed across a network, or stored in JAR files and loaded remotely. The Mind Electric site includes the online GLUE Application Programming Interface (API).

Date Listed: 02/15/2001

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