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FirstPeer provides a development framework for facilitating "Dynamic Distributed Marketplaces" that have more functionality, increased scalability and lower costs than most server-based centralized marketplaces. Features include: enhanced real-time trading, visibility of entire inventory, no increased overhead, cooperative interactions, analytic tools and tracking and the ability to receive monitored reports for the entire marketplace. FirstPeer's platform is based upon the Domain Naming System (DNS), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), XML, Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) and Jabber protocols.

FirstPeer's Java-based Professional Servant is a thin client file sharing application that is able integrate directly with existing data sources (JDBS, XML, or CSV). Professional Servant supports Windows, Macintosh and Unix. The company has posted a form for persons interested in obtaining its Personal Servant application or the plug-in required to by its GnuMarkets active marketplace.

Date Listed: 06/17/2001

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