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Welus is the developer of the Wannafree Peer-To-Peer communications application. Wannafree offers several knowledge sharing methods, including news group, Internet board, real-time chat and Instant Messaging (IM). A primary focus of the product is support of anonymous operation. The application keeps Internet Protocol (IP) addresses confidential and uses ID codes as identifiers rather than personal information. When using the Secret Group feature, communications between registered group members are encoded with a 1024 bit encryption key. The Wannafree protocol changes its topology simultaneously and non-periodically to make the network architecture difficult to trace. Wannafree supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. 10 Mb of installation space, a Pentium and 32 Mb of RAM are recommended (a 486 with 16 Mb of RAM is supported). The program is available as a free download and a Manual is also provided.

Date Listed: 03/02/2001

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