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myCIO.com is a Network Associates, Inc. subsidiary that offers Peer-To-Peer technology-based network security services. myCIO.com's Rumor service manages anti-virus updates by allowing users to serve each other virus signature files. The first five users on a network retrieve virus updates, then the update spreads throughout the network as the users serve it to one another (Rumor is named for the almost viral way the application independent service transports and propagates). Token-based authentication insures only legitimate anti-virus update files can be shared by Rumor. Network Associates feels that the Peer-To-Peer model will ultimately let myCIO.com spend less time supporting updating, and more time developing anti-virus code. PGP, Sniffer, VirusScan and McAfee antivirus technologies were incorporated into Rumor.

Date Listed: 03/13/2001

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