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Tpresence, Inc.

TPresence, Inc. was founded by Carnegie Mellon scientists in 1997 to provide a "distributed web solution" for online businesses. The company is using P2P to create an interactive, collaborative web experience, using shared resources. The company's IntelliPresence Network Architecture is comprised of: the Content Distributor server, the Distributed Web Coordinator and the Distributed Web Engine. The three combine to provide a distributed network server to an individual's desktop. IntelliPresence is free to end users. A browser plug-in provides a three-paned interface consisting of: the Connector (a navigation selection tree), a Virtual Reality/3D browser and a conventional 2-D browser. Multiple users are able to share documents or rich media data in a peer-to-peer or peer-to-many fashion. Tpresence was a Pentium 4 launch partner, and the software is characterized by Intel as a business-optimized collaborative 3-D data sharing tool.

Date Listed: 04/17/2001

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