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Veriscape's IntelleCat (Intelligent eCatalog Procurement Assistant) is a knowledge-based dynamic catalog management system that enables purchasing professionals to search, find, retain and implement their own tailor-made best-practices on a global scale. IntelleCat's adaptive searching techniques save the state of "successful" search queries as tree-based hierarchical data structures. These stored query trees collectively provide the semantic framework used to regulate the program's inventory tracking and purchasing management features.

IntelleMatch is the subcomponent that enables IntelleCat's adaptive matching engine. Nomenclature issues are resolved via a dynamically-constructed reference database of eCatalog product descriptions structured in a thesaurus-like fashion using a customized semantic infrastructure generated by "matching" to the cognitive makeup of an individual user. Veriscape's products utilize its patent-pending Netcentric Virtual Supercomputing Infrastructure (NVSI) architecture. NVSI is designed to "plug and play" within existing networks and runs on top of standard operating systems, such as Unix, Linux, and NT.

Date Listed: 05/13/2001

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