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iNoize.com is a web-based application and music service that allows users to share music without infringing on the copyrights of music companies or their recording artists by "sharing" using a stream rather than actually creating a copy of the copyrighted material. The company has been collaborating intensely with the music industry on an e-commerce system that will benefit all parties involved by providing users with on-demand music, while providing music companies with a new venue for showcasing their music and offering an option to buy it.

Music on the iNoize network is organized in a three-tier streaming system (Artist - Album - Title) rather than the kinds of file-based systems used by other "sharing" networks. The music is streamed in real-time, using a secure, encrypted patent-pending framework which essentially eliminates the need or desire to copy by making the desired music selections accessible on demand. Playlists of favorite songs can be created using music from other iNoize.com members and users can creat playlists, share them with other users or even purchase their favorite CD's while on-line, if they choose. iNoize is available for download on the Windows 98, NT, 2000 (Version 1.10) and Linux (Intel)(Version 1.10). (A Macintosh version is on the way.) A tour of iNoize's service is also available.

Date Listed: 05/14/2001

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