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Jibe has recently released its Enterprise File Sharing v 1.0 beta. Jibe customers can participate over a public network or set up a private secure P2P hub between suppliers or partners. Any storage system that can be accessed through JDBC or ODBC can participate, including Microsoft Access and Excel spreadsheets.

Jibe provides a Java servlet that can interpret the XML for each taxonomy and present a Web form to an end user. A Jibe application can run standalone, or a company licensing Jibe can store a single servlet on an internal Web server and let its employees do searches through their browsers. Users can simply type a string into the application's "GO FIND" box, and let Jibe do the retrieval, ranking, sorting and display. Jibe's storage format and taxonomies are both defined in XML. Support for JXTA is planned in the future.

Date Listed: 12/12/2001

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