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Gnotella is a distributed real time search and file-sharing program run from a user's desktop as a client and a server (a "servent") on the Gnutella peer-to-peer network. Gnotella allows users to interface directly with each other with no intermediate, central authority, and search for and share any type of digital file (audio, video, word processing documents, recipes, games, and text files). The Gnotella client is designed for the Windows environment and offers features such as multiple simultaneous searches, resumption of partial or failed downloads, improved filtering/spam protection, bandwidth monitoring, enhanced statistics, upload throttling, skinning and other features.

Gnotella's open architecture allows for the program to be customized to target consumer and business communities. Gnotella's parent company, Petapeer Holdings, Inc., will continue to distribute the program freely while it develops a committed user base. Once that user base is in place, the company plans to begin charging for Gnotella upgrades and deluxe features. Petapeer Holdings Inc. does not monitor the activity of, collect or sell information about the users on its network.

Date Listed: 05/31/2001

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