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Adaptive Large-scale Peer-to-Peer Information Networking (Alpine) Network is a C++ and Java -based P2P application and network infrastructure originally developed as a project to improve upon Gnutella's searching ability. It now offers P2P file sharing and messaging, but has focused upon studying and improving upon large peer network resource discovery methods and interoperability. Alpine currently implements what the developer terms an "adaptive social discovery" mechanism to locate network resources and automatically add peers/grow peer groups while handling traditional challenges such as malicious peers, high churn rates and bandwidth limitations.

This site provides links to a FAQ, the download package and a user guide. Alpine supports FreeBSD, Solaris 8 and Linux. Future plans include Win32, Swing and GIMP Toolkit (GTK+) interfaces and support for Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Alpine is distributed under a GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Date Listed: 02/14/2002

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