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Myster attempts to duplicate Napster in every way except for the fact that it uses a completely distributed system. Although very similar to Gnutella, Myster has many optimizations that make it easier to scale than Gnutella, including a self organizing network of peers that is able to channel to only query the nodes that are most likely to contain the desired files. For instance, if one server only has a great MP3 collection and no Movie files it will only receive requests for those files. The system is also expandable so that as the network aquires more nodes, more sub networks can be created to keep searches efficient, enabling networks to eventually be sub-divided into more well-defined categories as the size of the network increases.

Myster is written in Java and available via the GNU General Public License (GPL). A full working version in either Macintosh or Windows format is available along with documention and source code.

Date Listed: 06/08/2001

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