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A proxy for a human; a human's representative in a community of nodes. An agent takes somewhat intelligent action on behalf of its owner. The need for agents arises in situations where programs are far better suited than a human, but improvisation is unavoidable. Agents may move from node to node, in which case they are called mobile agents, or they may stay within a single node. Though often linked to artificial intelligence, and to the failures of strong AI, they arise in P2P with a more limited mission: to make decisions with a success rate better than chance.

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Richard Koman Richard Koman's Weblog
Supreme Court Decides Unanimously Against Grokster
Updating as we go. Supremes have ruled 9-0 in favor of the studios in MGM v Grokster. But does the decision have wider import? Is it a death knell for tech? It's starting to look like the answer is no. (Jun 27, 2005)

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