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Applied Network Theory by Jon Udell
Jon Udell examines the recent hype over network-based approaches to organization. If, as Jon concludes, the network is not only the computer, but also the operating system and the software development environment, how might this impact your role as a software developer? 02/11/2003

Services and Links by Jon Udell
Jon Udell shows how Web services--such as Erik Benson's All Consuming book site, or his own project, LibraryLookup--which can express themselves in terms of links, are poised to create powerful affordances for use, for imitation, and for discovery. 01/13/2003

Understanding Overloading in WSDL by Randy J. Ray
The initial reference to overloading in the WSDL 1.1 specification is limited, a situation that left many new users of WSDL unsure where to turn to for clarification. Randy Ray, coauthor of Programming Web Services with Perl sheds light on the issue by explaining how to express overloaded interfaces in WSDL. 01/08/2003

Scripting Groove Web Services by Jon Udell
Jon Udell describes a proof-of-concept application using Groove Web Services, showing implementations in both Perl and C#. 12/09/2002

Speakable Web Services by Jon Udell
Jon Udell explores the speech technologies in Mac OS X in this article, focusing on building useful, voice-driven commands that invoke external as well as local Web services. 11/08/2002

An Introduction to WSIL by Timothy Appnel
The Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL) is an XML document format to facilitate the discovery and aggregation of Web service descriptions in a simple and extensible fashion. 10/16/2002

Googling Your Email by Jon Udell
Tired of searching through all of your mail just to find one particular message? Jon Udell looks at ZOË, software that can, in essence, Google your email. Written in Java, ZOË proxies your mail traffic and builds useful search and navigation mechanisms. 10/07/2002

Creating ASP.NET Web Services, Part 1 by Alex Ferrara and Matthew MacDonald
In part one in this series of book excerpts from Programming .NET Web Services, learn how to write an ASP.NET HelloWorld Web service application. 09/30/2002

Interaction Design and Agile Methods by Jon Udell
In Jon Udell's latest column he explores interaction design--a methodology that produces software specifications by doing "ethnographic" research. 09/03/2002

Web Services: Objects or XML Endpoints? by Matthew MacDonald
Matthew MacDonald, coauthor of Programming .NET Web Services offers valuable advice for every .NET Web service programmer. 09/03/2002

Web Services and the Search for Really Big Prime Numbers by Eoin Lane
Web services should open up new avenues of computing. Such as? This article shows how Web services are an ideal model for computing Mersenne prime numbers, some of the largest primes yet discovered. 08/29/2002

Introducing Java Web Services with JAX by
Ready for the world of Java Web services? Bone up on the JAX Pack with Al Saganich's four-part series on the Java APIs for XML. 08/21/2002

JSR 109: Web Services Inside of J2EE Apps by Al Saganich
Over the past few years, J2EE has emerged as the dominant standard for serving up information on the Web. JSR 109 is one of the latest specifications to expand J2EE support into new areas, effectively defining how a J2EE application server could be expanded to provide native support for deploying, managing, and accessing Web services in a standard fashion. 08/07/2002

Scripting Collaborative Applications with Flash Communication Server MX by Jon Udell
Flash MX and the FlashComm server together deliver event-driven peer networking, streaming-media services, powerful components that embody the essential tools of collaboration, and a productive scripting environment that targets networked teams of people. 08/02/2002

Using Amazon's New Web Services by Wei-Meng Lee
Amazon.com recently launched its Web services API initiatives, allowing customers to integrate its vast online content with their own web site. The author demonstrates how you can make use of this Web service using Visual Studio .NET. 07/18/2002

Control Your Identity or Microsoft and Intel Will by Jon Udell
In Jon Udell's latest column he discusses the Microsoft/Intel/AMD security scheme, Palladium, and why he advocates an alternative solution--digital certificate revocation. 07/09/2002

Working with Complex Data Types, Part 1 by Robert Englander
In this excerpt on complex data types from Java and SOAP, the authors discuss passing arrays as parameters. 06/19/2002

Colin Moock on Flash MX by Richard Koman
Richard Koman talks with Colin Moock, the author of O'Reilly's Actionscript: The Definitive Guide, about Macromedia's re-christened suite of MX applications and how they can be used to develop Web services and richer interfaces. 06/18/2002

Controlling Web Pages on the Server Side by Satya Komatineni
.NET's server-side programming model boasts huge advantages for Web development. 06/17/2002

Seeing and Tuning Social Networks by Jon Udell
Software is catching up with what we know about social networks: the greater the reach of your array, the more effective an actor you can be within an organization. Jon Udell talks with two observers about software that maps social networks and the patterns revealed. 06/04/2002

Web Services for Bioinformatics by Ethan Cerami
Ethan Cerami explores two bioinformatic Web Services you can try out today -- XEMBL and BQS -- and shows code examples of how the interfaces work. 05/14/2002

Where Web Services Are Going by Mike Loukides and Rael Dornfest
WebLogic Workshop is the cornerstone of BEA's Web services strategy. We talk to BEA VP of enginnering Adam Bosworth about this product, Web services, and .NET. 05/10/2002

Building a Worldwide Lexicon by Brian McConnell
Brian McConnell proposes an open source, peer-to-peer system for making connections among online dictionaries via a SOAP interface. 05/10/2002

Blogspace Under the Microscope by Jon Udell
Backlinks are creating a new kind of feedback loop among blogger systems. Jon Udell looks to biology for a metaphor of how information loops spur the development of increasingly sophisticated systems in nature, and suggests that informational trails will have a similar effect online. 05/03/2002

Emerging Technology Briefs: WSDL by Clay Shirky and Rael Dornfest
A brief look at the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and its role as the de facto standard Web Services description format. 05/01/2002

Hangin with the JAX Pack, Part 4: JAX-RPC by Al Saganich
In the final installment of this series, Al Saganich looks at JAX-RPC, the Java API for XML-based RPC. Guess what -- it's really just another instance of RMI. 04/24/2002

Clay Shirky: What Web Services Got Right ... and Wrong by Richard Koman
Web Services represent not just a new way to build Internet applications, says Clay Shirky in this interview, but the second stage of peer-to-peer, in which distinctions between clients and servers are all but eliminated. 04/23/2002

Emerging Technology Briefs: SOAP by Clay Shirky and Rael Dornfest
A brief look at the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and its role as the de facto standard Web Services messaging format. 04/16/2002

Web Services - An Executive Summary by Clay Shirky
This executive summary from O'Reilly Research's report, "Planning for Web Services," gives a high level overview of the promises and pitfalls of web services. 04/12/2002

Jon Udell: Instant Outlining, Instant Gratification by Jon Udell
Jon Udell says the new Instant Outlining feature of Radio UserLand 8.0 turns it into something he's been waiting years for: a tool that keeps messages and attachments in context, and helps us get out of the swamp of email. 04/01/2002

Emerging Technology Briefs: WebDAV by Rael Dornfest
A brief look at WebDAV -- Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. 03/26/2002

Developing with JAXB and Ant, Part 2 by Joseph Shelby
In Part 2 of this series, Joseph Shelby offers some fixes for some of Ant's build-time dependency issues. 03/13/2002

Emerging Technology Briefs: JXTA by Rael Dornfest
A brief look at Sun's JXTA peer-to-peer networking framework. 03/12/2002

.NET Framework Essentials, 2nd Ed.: Web Services, Part 3 by Hoang Lam, Thuan L. Thai
In this book excerpt, O'Reilly's .NET Framework Essentials, 2nd Ed. authors Thuan L. Thai and Hoang Lam cover Web services consumer clients. 03/11/2002

Jon Udell: Radio UserLand 8.0 Is a Lab for Group-Forming by Jon Udell
Radio Userland 8.0 brings together blogging, cross linking, RSS syndication, referrer logs, and FTP upstreaming to create a topic-oriented web of smart people. Jon Udell says it's the laboratory for online group-forming that he's been awaiting for years. 03/01/2002

Understanding UDDI and JAXR by Satya Komatineni
This article takes you into the spec for UDDI, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration, with an explanation of tModels, binding templates, and identity and category bags. JAXR is also briefly covered. 02/27/2002

Emerging Technology Briefs: Identity by Rael Dornfest
A brief look at the state of the emerging identity, membership, and preferences fabric for the Internet. 02/27/2002

Using SOAP with Tomcat by James Goodwill
The Apache SOAP Project is an open source Java implementation of SOAP. This article examines how you can can create and deploy SOAP services with Apache's RPC model. 02/27/2002

A Quick Tour of .NET Web Services by Brian Jepson
Brian Jepson gives you a quick tour of .NET Web services, using code snippets from recent talk given at a Visual Foxpro symposium. And yes, Foxpro can be used for .NET Web services as well. 02/25/2002

.NET Framework Essentials, 2nd Ed.: Web Services, Part 1 by Hoang Lam, Thuan L. Thai
In this article, O'Reilly's .NET Framework Essentials, 2nd Ed. authors Thuan L. Thai and Hoang Lam discuss Web Services in practice and provides a .NET Web services framework overview. 02/25/2002

Infrastructure for an Interconnected Enterprise by Satya Komatineni
Learn about the Web services infrastructure necessary for an interconnected enterprise, using SOAP, JAX-RPC, and more. 02/20/2002

Top Ten FAQs for Web Services by Ethan Cerami
Ethan Cerami, author of Web Services Essentials answers ten of the most frequently asked questions about Web services, from what one is to how you can get started. 02/12/2002

Scrambling the Equations: Potential Trends in Networking by Andy Oram
New, networked file systems, scripting languages for devices, extensions to the seven-layer ISO networking model, and a new class of criminal offenses are all possible trends of the next few years. 02/12/2002

Quick and Dirty Topic Mapping by Jon Udell
If you've ever tried to map out a taxonomy for an existing or future body of content, you know it can be a frustrating exercise. Here's a strategy for creating a taxonomy from the bottom up rather than top down -- including the Perl script to run it. 02/04/2002

How the Wayback Machine Works by Richard Koman
Brewster Kahle tells how he archives and indexes 100 terabytes of data with 400 PCs. 01/21/2002

Writing Your First COM Components, Part 1 by Abel Banda
With all the buzz surrounding COM+ components and n-tier applications, you're probably eager to learn how to build your first COM component. This short guide steps you through the process of creating your first component in minutes. 01/14/2002

Lessig: The Future of Ideas by Richard Koman
In his new book, Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig paints a gloomy picture of the end of fair use. The right to share, play, and copy music is disappearing as Hollywood gets the upper hand on technology to control usage. Richard Koman reviews Lessig's The Future of Ideas. 12/21/2001

Are Tech Book Sales a Leading Economic Indicator? by Madeline Schnapp
O'Reilly's Research Department compared sales of our tech books at Amazon.com against the NASDAQ. The close correlation suggests that tech book sales, like the stock market indices, may be a leading economic indicator. 11/16/2001

Reports from O'Reilly's P2P & Web Services Conference
O'Reilly's P2P and Web Services Conference is being held in Washington, D.C., Nov. 5-7, 2001. We've collected weblog and photo reports from the conference. 11/06/2001

Jini: The Natural Fit for Web Services by Teddy Achacoso, Ph.D.
Self-similar infrastructures allow for dynamic scaling to very large systems. So what is the natural, self-similar infrastructure for Web services? In a word, Jini. Teddy Achacoso explains. 10/31/2001

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