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The O'Reilly P2P directory lists companies, projects and initiatives related to peer-to-peer technologies. •  Collanos Workplace
•  Outhink
•  ZetaGrid
•  PeerMetrics
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Agents as Peers
Anthill  BIAP Systems, Inc.  Consilient, Inc.  Ecocys Technologies  Infobot  International Interactive Commerce, Ltd.  Prompt2U  Texar Corporation  WebPager  WebV2  Yenta 

1stWorks  Alberg Software  Bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab  CenterSpan  Collanos Workplace  Colloquia  Ecocys Technologies  Engenia Software, Inc.  eZ  Groove Networks  ICQ  Ikimbo, Inc.  Oculus Technologies Corporation  Onobee  Outhink  P2PQ  Piper  The uServ Project  Tpresence, Inc.  Wannafree  WebDAV  WorldStreet 

Development Frameworks
AgentWare  Anthill  Base One International  Bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab  Biz2Peer Technologies  FirstPeer  Killdara  Mithral Communications & Design Inc.  Piper  Redfoot  Terazima, LLC.  The Mind Electric  WorldOS Corporation  Zion Technologies 

Devices as Peers
Bluetooth  Brazil Project  Endeavors Technology, Inc.  Jini  SmartPeer, LLC 

Distributed Computation
Base One International  Bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab  CareScience, Inc.  Centrata  ChessBrain  DataSynapse  Distributed.net  Entropia  Globus  Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program  International Interactive Commerce, Ltd.  MangoSoft  Mithral Communications & Design Inc.  Parabon Computation  Popular Power  Porivo Technologies, Inc.  REBOL  SETI@home: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  Ubero  United Devices, Inc.: Individuals Accelerating Science  ZetaGrid 

Distributed Objects
Alberg Software  Ecocys Technologies  Engenia Software, Inc.  Proksim Software  Static  Virtual Access Networks  XOBJEX 

Distributed Search Engines
Clip2  Eikon  ExactOne, Inc.  Filetopia  FirstPeer  Gnotella  grub.org  Hotline Connect  Human-Links  InfraSearch  Jibe  JXTA  KaZaA  Morpheus  MusicBrainz.org  Myster  NeuroGrid  NextPage, Inc.  PLATFORMedia LLC  Plebio  Project Pandango Inc.  Rapigator  Redfoot  Songbird  Thinkstream  UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration)  Veriscape  WebV2  xS 

1stWorks  AudioFind  BadBlue  CareScience, Inc.  Clip2  Eudora  Fatbubble, Inc.  File Rogue, Inc.  Filetopia  Frontcode Technologies  FurthurNet  Gnotella  Gnutella  Harmonic Invention Software  Hotline Connect  iMesh Ltd.  iNoize  Jibe  Jungle Monkey  KaZaA  MangoSoft  Morpheus  Myster  Napster  NextPage, Inc.  Ogg Vorbis  Ohaha  OnSystems, Inc.  OpenNap  Pointera  Radio Userland  Rapigator  Softwax  Songbird  SongSpy, Inc.  Spinfrenzy.com  Splooge, Inc.  Swaptor, Ltd.  Thinkstream  Toadnode.com, LLC  Tripnosis, Inc.  Vitaminic  WebDAV 

Buzzpad, Inc.  CenterSpan  Magnetar Games  Proksim Software 

Akamai Technologies, Inc.  Alliance Consulting, Inc.  Brazil Project  ChessBrain  Consilient, Inc.  Freenet: The Free Network Project  Glue Technology, Inc.  Groove Networks  HailStorm  Jabber  Kalepa Networks, Inc  Oculus Technologies Corporation  OpenDesign  Planet 7 Technologies  Prompt2U  The Free Haven Project  Thinkstream  Tpresence, Inc.  Veriscape  vTrails  VXNET  Zodiac Networks 

Internet Operating System
.NET  PeerMetrics  REBOL  ROKU  The Chord Project  Thinkstream  Virtual Access Networks 

Licensed Media Distribution
Akamai Technologies, Inc.  DigitalOwl, Inc.  eLiberation  eMikolo Networks  Fairtunes  Flycode  iMesh Ltd.  iNoize  Kalepa Networks, Inc  MusicNet  Napster  Ogg Vorbis  Project Pandango Inc.  RightsMarket Inc.  Songbird  Tuneprint  Vitaminic 

Messaging Frameworks
BabbleNet  BEEP  BXXP  Fatbubble, Inc.  Gaim  IBM SashJab  ICQ  Ikimbo, Inc.  IMPP  Interbind  Invisible IRC Project  Jabber  Jabberzilla  Onobee  Planet 7 Technologies  REBOL  Reptile  The uServ Project  Trillian  VXNET 

Bitzi  MusicBrainz.org  PLATFORMedia LLC  Radio Userland  RDF  RSS 0.91  RSS 1.0  XDegrees  XNS (eXtensible Name Service) 

Reputation and Asset Management
Freenet: The Free Network Project  NextPage, Inc.  OpenPrivacy  Peek-A-Booty  Reptile  SongSpy, Inc.  The Free Haven Project  xS  Yenta 

BadBlue  Base One International  Endeavors Technology, Inc.  Filetopia  Flycode  Global Network Computers  Groove Networks  Harmonic Invention Software  Intel IAS  Invisible IRC Project  Killdara  myCIO.com  OnSystems, Inc.  OpenPrivacy  Peek-A-Booty  Peer-to-Peer Trusted Library  Publius  Softwax  Texar Corporation  Tuneprint  Wannafree 

Servers/Services as Peers
.NET  BXXP  Dynaptics  HailStorm  iMaestro  Interbind  JXTA  Meerkat: An Open Wire Service  OpenDesign  PeerMetrics  Planet 7 Technologies  Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)  The Mind Electric  UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration)  WSDL  XDegrees  XML-RPC  XOBJEX 

AllCast  eLiberation  eMikolo Networks  Publius  RightsMarket Inc.  Static  Terazima, LLC.  vTrails 

The Writeable Web
Amaya Web Editor/Browser  Blogger  Everything  Manila  Movable Type  mozBlog  Radio Userland  The Free Haven Project  Wiki Wiki Web 

P2P Weblogs

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Supreme Court Decides Unanimously Against Grokster
Updating as we go. Supremes have ruled 9-0 in favor of the studios in MGM v Grokster. But does the decision have wider import? Is it a death knell for tech? It's starting to look like the answer is no. (Jun 27, 2005)

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