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Distributed Objects

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Alberg Software HIVE is Alberg Software's Enterprise P2P Platform for developing new, collaborative applications based on Sun's JXTA technology. Unlike Lotus Notes and other collaborative business process management applications, HIVE operates without the use of a central server for regulating processes or storing data. The program also comes equipped with a set of utility components and tools for creating "Discussions", "Instant Messaging", "File Sharing", "Calendering" and other features. The Hive 1.0 Beta is available for download.
Ecocys Technologies Ecocys Technologies develops the TaskShareTM infrastructure, a set of content/data-management tools that use familiar web-based technologies (the Web, e-mail, peer-to-peer computing, and wireless connectivity) to link people, data and devices together into a cohesive collaborative process management system. TaskShare leverages open standards-based technologies such as Java, XML, HTTP, JINI, SQL and SSL, to create a peer-to-peer collaborative technology platform, enabling the creation and management of both lightweight and heavy-duty business processes on-demand. Ecocys Product Suite's Easelet Administrator provides wizards for customizing the configurations of the peer-to-peer infrastructure's service components, while its Process Builder Wizards allow users to create ad hoc "task teams" that share and exchange data, documents and multi-media objects. Team members can collaborate in real-time via chat, video conferencing, instant messaging and e-mail, before integrating the results into the company's existing corporate database.
Engenia Software, Inc. Engenia developes Unity, which is "XML-based web-enabled software for managing corporate and personal data." In other words, it's a collaborative workgroup solution. Unity is a virtual distributed file system that lets users share information, no matter where it resides. In Unity, information is stored in an object that possesses context. Objects in turn are discovered, managed, and maintain currency and relevancy through their relationships with other objects. The content of an Engenia Unity object is its set of properties and methods that define its behavior, user interface, and interaction with other objects. Objects can communicate with each other without the need for a centralized administrator. As each new object enters the system, it can easily interact with existing ones. The company's management team consists of former IBM and Lotus executives. It was founded in 1998, and is currently in second round of financing.
Proksim Software Proksim Software has developed an object-oriented middleware architecture and real-time information synchronization technology that allows software objects (C++ or Java) to be available to more than one machine at a time. Other features of its cross-platform communication system include: load balancing, fault tolerance for dynamic information, authentication and encryption services.

NetZ 1.0 is a gaming application that was built using Proksim's peer-to-peer interaction development platform. Multi-player online gaming applications built using the platform are capable of handling up to 16-players in a Quake-style environment over 33.6K modems, complete with congestion control, dead reckoning, fault-tolerance on the game server and the ability to have users join/rejoin a game in progress at any time.
Static The Static Platform is part operating system, part browser, combining a server and client into a single download smaller than most MP3's. It brings users to a single location where they launch different internet "applets" (plugin-like applications) and it ties these applets together in a seamless environment. With this integrated approach, each applet benefits from key built-in features such as security and optimized bandwidth management.

For example, when a Static-enabled PC is struggling to stream video to its users, the technology reroutes some of streams to other PCs the network isnít exploiting to capacity. To make money static will sell its software to ISPs, which in return will offer piecemeal bandwidth and caching for their users.
Virtual Access Networks Virtual Access Networks manufactures The Van, an XML, XSLT, SOAP and Cocoon-based solution that utilizes Microsoft's Intellimirror PC Migration technology to enable companies to move settings and data from one computer to another intact, via a wireless, Web or network connection. The VAN's software migration tools can be used to restore user settings after an operating system upgrade or facilitate the OS migration of an entire company. A hard drive crash inspired the founder to use extensible tools to apply fluid solutions to the field of data storage. The resulting XML-based core technology is known as Access Technology and defined as "the vendor-neutral, device-agnostic, and cross-platform delivery of information and data."
XOBJEX XOBJEX is a simple and lightweight application for peer-to-peer collaboration, based on Sun's J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). This very compact system (26KB) uses a HTTP "listener" and a HTTP "agent" to transfer XML-based commands across networks or the Internet using port 80, the default port for HTTP. XOBJEX can be used to create web services for collaboration and interoperability between networked devices, and can automatically "discover" when new services are available on the network. More information about XOBJEX features and an online demonstration are available for review.

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