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Devices as Peers

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Bluetooth Bluetooth wireless technology is emerging as a de facto standard for short-range wireless connections between cell phones and other mobile and portable devices. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group consists of companies in telecommunications, computing, and networking industries that are driving the development of the technology and backing it on the market.

For an introduction to the technology, see "Personal Area Network: A Bluetooth Primer."
Brazil Project Brazil an enterprise P2P Java technology developed and tested at Sun Labs over the last two years that is now available for download. If you are a developer using Java technology, it's worth a serious look. The Brazil project is a web-based infrastructure that links people securely to information, computers and other devices leveraging existing standards and protocols. The framework enables stand-alone systems to work together within the Web space. A strong authentication architecture allows extranets to access intranets in an open environment without compromising security. The Brazil project's approach extends the endpoints of a network to new applications and smaller devices. At the same time it can incorporate legacy applications. It seems to be a much more evolved Jini API.
Endeavors Technology, Inc. Endeavor's products (Magi Suite) focus on document management and control over the Web using Java technology and open source standards such as HTTP, WAP/WML, XML, especially for its work flow sharing product. Document management and control includes remote document control, including authoring, publishing, sharing, manipulation, approval, collaboration and more in a secure and scalable way over the Web.
Jini Jini from Sun Microsystems provides simple mechanisms that enable devices to plug together and communicate without any planning, installation, or human intervention. Each device provides services that other devices in the community may use. These devices provide their own interfaces, which ensures reliability and compatibility.

Sun has released the Alewife beta Jini Starter Kit, a beta version of its upcoming Jini Technology Starter Kit 1.2. Features include virtual machine sharing using Jini services and a multithreaded implementation of Jini Helper Utilities. Specifications and programming examples are also available.

SmartPeer, LLC SmartPeer, LLC, an affiliate of ToadNode.com, is the creator of the SmartPeer network appliance and software. The SmartPeer device ships with SmartPeer's embedded proprietary Peer-To-Peer networking software. The appliance allows brick and mortar retailers to cooperate in a network that helps customers locate products. The device works by communicating information from a local point of sale or inventory system to the distributed network. The SmartPeer software fields an inquiry from the Internet, and translates it into a query the local system can understand. It then translates the result of the query back into a format the original sender will understand. SmartPeers can handle queries among the members of the peer community without a central server, and are Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled for mobile commerce applications.

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