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Buzzpad, Inc. Buzzpad, Inc.'s initial product release is BuzzPad Linker, a Peer-To-Peer file sharing, messaging and gaming product. Buzzpad Linker enables a user to create contact lists, send Instant Message (IM) chats and allow multiple people to "link" to each other and use applications together. A number of free multiplayer games for the Buzzpad Linker made by Freeloads Games (freeloads.com), a division of Buzzpad, Inc., are available for download.

Freeloads.com offers Peer-To-Peer gaming and social interaction based upon the Buzzpad Linker P2P gaming platform. The Freeloads P2P Games Suite (Solitaire, E-Battle, Snakes, Quadris, Go-Moku, Checkers and Chess) is installed by the user for online P2P (including chat) or offline individual play. Windows, a Pentium computer, 16 MB RAM, SVGA 640x480 with 256 colors resolution, 2x CD-ROM drive, a mouse, and a 28.8 connection to the Internet are required.
CenterSpan CenterSpan Communications Corporation recently purchased Scour and the Scour Exchange, and will be relaunching as both legal and secure systems for sharing music, movies and images over the Internet. Before aquiring Scour's assets, CenterSpan's already had its own client software, Socket, which provides a "group activity hub" that combines instant messaging with collaborative applications and multiplayer gaming. (See game demonstration page.) Take an interactive tour of Socket's file sharing and instant messaging capabilities.
Magnetar Games FX Visuals is the first product in Magnetar Games' FederationX family of peer-to-peer internet gaming development tools. FX Visuals is a development tool for C++ Builder and Delphi used to expedite the creation of Internet multiplayer games using Microsoft's DirectX technology. A trial version of FX Visuals is available. The company is also planning to release additional products in the FederationX line that may or may not be game-related.
Proksim Software Proksim Software has developed an object-oriented middleware architecture and real-time information synchronization technology that allows software objects (C++ or Java) to be available to more than one machine at a time. Other features of its cross-platform communication system include: load balancing, fault tolerance for dynamic information, authentication and encryption services.

NetZ 1.0 is a gaming application that was built using Proksim's peer-to-peer interaction development platform. Multi-player online gaming applications built using the platform are capable of handling up to 16-players in a Quake-style environment over 33.6K modems, complete with congestion control, dead reckoning, fault-tolerance on the game server and the ability to have users join/rejoin a game in progress at any time.

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