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AllCast The AllCast software-based platform provides peer-to-multipeer content distribution for the content webcaster that also allows the content owner to maintain a 'cascading' environment. The new network distribution model represented by AllCast is based on its own patented technology (US5884031) to ensure that there are no bandwidth or server bottlenecks regardless of the size of the stream or audience. AllCast claims that its technology can enable content-providers with the ability to webcast easily and securely in a scalable fashion that allows a maximum number of listeners or viewers to participate for a much lower cost than most currently-deployed live Internet broadcasting systems (audio or video, narrow or broadband). AllCast's streaming media broadcast technology provides the passive conduit functions necessary to ensure that content is delivered to end users in a quality fashion.
eLiberation eLiberation is a two-year-old Internet software company that uses its "relational micro-transaction technology" to offer streaming and downloadable file tracking, reporting and revenue allocation. Its Integrated Peer Commerce System (IPCS)provides digital content owners with a method of commercializing the distribution of their digital media within a peer-to-peer environment ("superdistribution"), that includes: high volume micro-payments, royalty tracking and revenue distribution, content distribution control, protection of intellectual property and copyrights, marketing control and back-end reporting. IPCS is made up of three smaller services/mechanisms: a Financial Transaction Management (FTM) tracking and reporting service, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) access control mechanism that allows publishers and artists to manage their own intellectual property rights and Rich Information Files (RIF) that enable new marketing opportunities to be provided at the point of sale by allowing value-added sales and marketing information to be included along with the digital content distribution.

eLiberation's first commercial implementation of its Financial Transaction Management model is ePilot.com, a cost-per-click search engine that pays its members to search for information using the company's patent-pending ePilot application. The ePilot site performs over 3 million micro-transcactions every day. eLiberation has also partnered with Groove Networks to provide a branded version of its FTM software to Groove's File Sharing users.
eMikolo Networks The "Demand Driven Access" (DDA) suite of appliances from eMikolo Networks is designed to create an "Intelligent Distribution Network" (IDN) by reducing the cost of content distribution and increasing network performance and scalability. The DDA suite achieves this through the use of various content and distribution management techniques enabling a network to scale to its maximum capacity. This product is not yet available for review.
Publius Named for the pen name of the 18th-century authors of The Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison), Publius is a web publishing system aimed at resisting censorship by inserting a layer of encryption that protects the anonymity of a publisher. As the project's web site explains: "Publius content is encrypted by the publisher and spread over some of the web servers. ... The publisher takes the key, K that is used to encrypt the file and splits it into n shares, such that any k of them can reproduce the original K, but k-1 give no hints as to the key. Each server receives the encrypted Publius content and one of the shares. At this point, the server has no idea what it is hosting -- it simply stores some random looking data. To browse content, a retriever must get the encrypted Publius content from some server and k of the shares. Mechanisms are in place to detect if the content has been tampered with."
RightsMarket Inc. RightsMarket Inc. provides software and services that facilitate the commercial superdistribution of digital content over distributed networks and the Web. The company's flagship product/service (available as both) is "RightsPublish", an end-to-end digital publishing and intellectual property rights management system designed to provide a secure and reliable platform for the distribution of intellectual property, usage tracking and billing.

The end result is a web-based digital intellectual property network where everyone participating is either a publisher, a consumer or both.
Static The Static Platform is part operating system, part browser, combining a server and client into a single download smaller than most MP3's. It brings users to a single location where they launch different internet "applets" (plugin-like applications) and it ties these applets together in a seamless environment. With this integrated approach, each applet benefits from key built-in features such as security and optimized bandwidth management.

For example, when a Static-enabled PC is struggling to stream video to its users, the technology reroutes some of streams to other PCs the network isnít exploiting to capacity. To make money static will sell its software to ISPs, which in return will offer piecemeal bandwidth and caching for their users.
Terazima, LLC. Terazima provides distributed resource management products and solutions based on distributed computing technology. Terazima's peer-to-peer meta client enables multiple peer-to-peer networks to be accessed simultaneously, resultiing in greater positive search results and optimized file transfers. TeraPlatform is the company's distributed computing framework for building applications. TeraDrive is an end-to-end distributed storage management solution. An SDK is available upon request.

Terazima's core technology provides for the rapid development and deployment of new peer-to-peer protocols and clients that provide a range of varied services including: client/server communication, data-collection and analysis, on-line commerce, promotional integration, video file sharing and enterprise-friendly superdistribution. See Terazima's News section for details about the company's recent business partnerships and press coverage.
vTrails vTrails offers a cost-effective media delivery solution that leverages the power of peer-to-peer networking, smart routing and edge network capabilities. The vTrails System delivers high quality streaming content to large audiences while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 90%, turning rich media from a traffic jam into a powerful business tool.

Watch the flash demonstration here

The many features of the vTrails System make it a compelling solution for Webcasters, Enterprise, ISPs, CDN and Streaming service providers:

  • Monitoring: Real-time system performance monitoring
  • Scalability: Supports any size audience of end-users without degrading the QoS
  • Quality of Service: Supports disconnections, network surges, high packet loss
  • Firewalls: Interoperates with most firewalls and proxies
  • Corporate LAN and NAT: Network load and bandwidth consumption minimized
  • Security: No access to data on disk and no command can be executed by the System
  • Cryptography: All streams are encoded and encrypted
  • Formats: Integrates with all streaming formats

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